Books for Credit

Prices listed cover the costs of the credits only.  All books must be purchased separately via the link to the publisher, or  Simply hover the mouse over the book cover to purchase. Several Books for Credit are also cross listed with classes in the course catalog.
African Psychology Books
Self Healing / Self Care Books

Nobles, W. (2006).  Seeking the Sakhu: Foundational Writings for an African Psychology.  Chicago: Third World Press. (This is also the required text for the Understanding the African Family course.)  Continuing education credit:  50 hours  Cost $99.00

Kambon, K.K. (2012). African/Black Psychology in the American Context: An African-Centered Approach.  Tallahassee: Nubian Nations Publications. 
(This is also the required text for the Introduction to African Psychology Course).  Continuing Education Credit: 50 hours  Cost $99.00

Ani, M. (1997). Let the Circle Be Unbroken: The Implications of African Spirituality in the Diaspora.
Washington, DC.: Nkonimfo Publications. 
(This is also the required course for the Understanding the African Worldview course).  Continuing Education Hours: 10   Cost: $75.00


Ani, M. (1994). Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior. Trenton: Africa World Press. (This is also the required text for the Introduction to the European Worldview Course).

Continuing Education Hours:  10    Cost:  $50.00
Fu-Kiau, K. (2003).  Self-Healing Power and Therapy: Old Teachings from Africa.  Baltimore: Black Classic Press for InPrint Editions. (This is also the required text for the Self-Healing for the Healers course).  Continuing education credit: 7 hours    Cost $59.00
Parham, T. (2002).  Counseling Persons of African Descent: Raising the Bar of Practitioner Competence.  Thousand Oaks, CA. Sage Publications.  (This is also the required text for the Cultural Competence and Therapeutic Retention of African Descended Clients course).  Continuing education credits:  15 hours   Cost:  $99.00.

This book comes with a CD and is also availalbe on Kindle!

Vanzant, I. (2008).  Tapping the Power Within:  A Path to Self-Empowerment for Women.  New York: Hay House Inc.  Also available on Continuing education credit:  15 hours   Cost:  $99.00

This is a CD!

Vanzant, I. (2004). Giving to Yourself First: Guided Mediations for Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteem. Boulder, CO.: Sounds True.  CD also available on  Continuing Education Credit:  1.5 hours  Cost: $10.00.

This title also available on Kindle!

Ade, J. (2013).  Genealogy and Ethnicity: How to Interpret the Clues.  Denver: Sakhu Shule Publications. (This is also the required text for the Africa-American Genealogy course).  Continuing Education credit 9 hours. Cost $75.00.

The book also available on Kindle! 
Ade, J. (2012).  Ten Generations of Bondage: Eleven Generations of Faith.  Denver: Sakhu Shule Publications.  Continuing education credit:  15 hours     Cost: $99.00
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Lucero-Mills, Z. (2012).  Mommy's Reflections: Losing Zumante and Finding the Mustard Seed. Denver: Sakhu Shule Publications.  (This is also the required book for the Supporting the Grieving Mother Course).  Continuing education credits: 3 hours     Cost:  FREE

Akbar, N. (2003). Akbar Papers in African Psychology. Tallahassee: Mind Productions and Associates.  Continuing education credit:  15 hours   Cost: $99.00

Akalatunde, I. (2012). Ona Agbani: The Ancient Path: Understanding and Implementing the Ways of Our Ancestors.  Charleston: Oshe Tura Institute. (This is also the required text for the Psychology of Traditional Afrikan Spiritual Systems course).  Continuing education credit:  5 hours   Cost:  $50.00

Myers, L. J. (2010).  Understanding an Afrocentric Worldview: Introduction to an Optimal Psychology (Second Edition). Dubuque, IA.: Kendall and Hunt.  Continuing education credit:  15 hours     Cost:  $99.00
Gandy, D. J. (1998). Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman's Guide to Self-Care and Inner Renewal. New York: William and Morrow and Company Inc. (This is also the required text for Self-Care for the Divinely Feminine Therapist).  Continuing education credit: 10 hours   Cost $89.00 
Harrell, J. (1999). Manichean Psychology, Racism and the Minds of People of African Descent. Washington, DC. Howard University Press (This is also the required text for the Psychology of Race and Racism course). Continuing Education Credit:  35 hours   Cost:  $99.00
This title also available in electronic format.
Jackson-Lowman, H. (2013).  Afrikan-American Women: Living at the Crossroads of Race, Gender, Class and Culture.Tallahassee, FL.:Cognella Academic Publishing.  (This is also the required text for The Psychology of African Women course).