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Free Course: Supporting the Grieving Mother. 

Based on the powerful new book,
Mommy's Reflections: Losing Zumante and Finding the Mustard Seed, by Zuton Lucero-Mills. Foreword by Olisa Yaa Tolokun-Ajinaku.

Continuing Education Credit: 3 hours

Course Description:

There is no greater loss, no more devastating tragedy than the death of a child.  It is the kind of pain that it almost unimaginable, indescribable and therefore extremely difficult for a therapist to support.  This course explores a grieving mother’s healing process from her own perspective. It essentially consists of her reflections on the letters that she wrote to her son in her journal for the first year after his passing. In her own words she articulates the indescribable and gives insight to what other mothers in her situation might be thinking and feelings as well.  In this course, counselors will learn what it means to survive one’s child and what life is like for the maternally bereaved.  Also the role of spirituality, family, faith and therapy will be explored.  As the subject of this case study would say, this is not a course about urging people to get over it, it is about helping them to get through it.
Course Objectives:
  • Identify some things that a grieving mother might find comforting
  • Understand the role of spirituality for the grieving mother
  • Describe events might trigger feelings of depression, anxiety, fear or anger
  • Discuss comments that a grieving mother might find most annoying
  • Explain some ways continue to parent during the grieving process
  • Describe some ways to support the surviving children through their grief
  • Understand how to create rituals to honor the spirit of the deceased
Through this book, and the author's attempt to facilitate her own healing, Lucero-Mills has inadvertently provided a longitudinal case study of a the maternally bereaved, the "Angel Mom's".  The left side of each page contains the journal entries that Lucero-Mills wrote each day for the first year following her son's passing.  The comments on the left side of the page are her reflections on those writings approximately three years after she wrote them.  The following is an excerpt from the book, Mommy's Reflections: Losing Zumante and Finding the Mustard Seed.